About F.D.W.C. Duck Calls

F.D.W.C. is more than just a company name; it represents what every waterfowler should strive for; Feet Down, Wings Cupped. Founded and deep rooted in the bottoms of Chicota, Texas, our company has taken flight. Built on our love for waterfowl and all that comes with the hunt.

fdwc duck calls team

When you love waterfowl hunting as much as we do, you know the true meaning of "hard work pays off". You put in long hours; building blinds, cutting brush and rigging decoys. All the early mornings and mile after mile scouting, searching for that honey hole. But none of it seems like work when it's what you love.

You hear the whistling wings and chatter in the air. You can feel your friend's, your family's excitement. Feet Down, Wings Cupped and all hell breaks loose. Smoke and hens are all that is left in the air.

With our calls, there's no need for sky busting. Our brand is dedicated to putting the birds on the "X", leaving the hens to fly. That is what F.D.W.C. is about, that is what you are about.

When we say that each call is hand tuned; that is what we mean. Each call is made with love and precision by experienced craftsmen and seasoned callers. Not just thrown together and blown through once. The call that you use makes the experience, so why not let us help you make that experience worth every drop of blood and sweat that you put into each and every hunt.

F.D.W.C Duck Calls 

"If it had more duck, you'd have to feed it."